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Kask Infinity Review

An extremely unique helmet that matches its versatile style with slippery performance
Kask Infinity
Credit: Backcountry
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Price:  $370 List | Check Price at Amazon
Pros:  Aero design, adjustable ventilation and aero vent, stylish, well-cushioned
Cons:  Heavy, warmer in summer months
Manufacturer:   Kask
By Nick Bruckbauer & Ryan Baham  ⋅  May 7, 2020
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  • Comfort - 20% 8.0
  • Adjustability - 15% 8.0
  • Weight - 15% 2.0
  • Style - 15% 8.0
  • Ventilation - 20% 5.0
  • Durability - 15% 8.0

Our Verdict

With a comfortable build and a cool retractable vent design, the Kask Infinity earns our Top Pick Award for Aero Helmets. It has a generous amount of padding that comfortably cushions your head and makes it a great pick for the three non-summer seasons when you need an extra bit of insulation. The retractable front vent can be opened to provide a noticeable amount of airflow or can be closed for optimum aerodynamics. Although best suited for cooler weather, riders looking for a versatile helmet that provides an excellent aerodynamic shape but doesn't completely sacrifice ventilation will appreciate this model.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Kask Infinity was one of our favorite helmets to test during most riding conditions and while it scores pretty well across the board, it struggles with one of the heaviest weights in the lineup. It provides pretty respectable ventilation for an aerodynamic helmet, but falls well short of the ventilation performance of many other competitors.

Performance Comparison

Kask Infinity road bike helmet - the infinity from kask earns our top pick award for aero helmets...
The Infinity from Kask earns our Top Pick Award for Aero Helmets with its unique retractable vent door that balances a streamlined shape with reasonable ventilation.
Credit: Nick Bruckbauer


Perhaps our very favorite thing about the Infinity is its excellent padding coverage and comfortable fit. The multi-layer open cell 3D DRY padding is very comfortable and helps remove moisture, but also can make the helmet become very warm very quickly. In any case, the padding feels great and the rear headband cradle ensures a snug fit.

While the Infinity scores well in this rating metric, it ultimately falls short of competitor models that use less padding but offer a more customizable fit with a more extensive and more adjustable headband system that cradles the head away from the inner surface of the helmet. If you like a well-cushioned feel, we think you'll be happy with the Infinity's extensive use of padding that offers a plush, comfortable fit. If you prefer a more customized, streamlined fit, you will likely prefer the feel of other helmets.

Kask Infinity road bike helmet - the infinity has thick, luxurious padding, making it an ideal choice...
The Infinity has thick, luxurious padding, making it an ideal choice for riders who appreciate supreme comfort, or who need some extra insulation for cooler weather riding.
Credit: Nick Bruckbauer


The Infinity's adjustable headband system does an excellent job of cradling the back of the head and can easily be adjusted using the ratcheting dial at the rear of the helmet. While this headband is quite comfortable, it is fixed to the front of the helmet near the rider's temples which limits the range of adjustability compared to helmets with full circumference headbands.

The Infinity uses fixed Y-straps and a leather chinstrap with a buckle that is offset to one side. While this system provides enough adjustability for most head shapes and sizes, it doesn't provide the versatility of models with adjustable Y-straps in addition to an adjustable chinstrap. Thankfully, once you get the chinstrap fit dialed in, this design keeps you from having to figure out which side is longer and fussing with pulling a strap through the back of the helmet and readjusting.

Kask Infinity road bike helmet - the chinstrap, like this leather version on the kask infinity...
The chinstrap, like this leather version on the Kask Infinity, should be worn snugly but not too tight.
Credit: Nick Bruckbauer


The Infinity is build using an In-Molding system that fuses the inner polystyrene foam layer to the outer polycarbonate shell. While our testing doesn't have access to the sort of machines that measure force and impact available to most helmet manufacturers, it could be reasonably judged that the Inner Frame improves strength and resiliency, helping to keep the framing in place under stress the way steel rebar fortifies concrete support beams.

We expect this lid to last a good while, but we'd be remiss if we didn't point out that thin moving parts like the sliding vent are inherently less durable than normal solid structures. That being said, we couldn't find any reports of degradations, breakdowns, or mechanical failures of any sort. Further, nearly the entire exterior surface of the helmet is covered in a protective polycarbonate shell material, making it stand out as a burly, durable option.

Kask Infinity road bike helmet - the infinity is a solidly built helmet with high-quality materials.
The Infinity is a solidly built helmet with high-quality materials.
Credit: Nick Bruckbauer


As much as we love this helmet and even think it looks cool, it's undeniable that some of the color styles give it that mushroomy Toad look. We still think it has a sleek, cool, aero look despite its somewhat bulkiness. If like us, you are into the Death Star gunner helmet look, you're in luck as this helmet comes in all black, as well as nine other color configurations.

As we say in each of the other reviews, this measure is the most subjective of the categories, so be sure to look around the field and check out the options for each product because your views might not be consistent with ours. If this style just isn't your jam, there are many other choices out there, including several other aero helmets. However, we do want to once again recognize the incredibly useful retractable vent design that provides both form and function for this unique helmet.

The Infinity is a sleek-looking aerodynamic helmet but does have...
The Infinity is a sleek-looking aerodynamic helmet but does have quite a bit of volume which gives a bit of a mushroom-head look.
The Infinity is a sleek-looking aerodynamic helmet but does have...
The Infinity is a sleek-looking aerodynamic helmet but does have quite a bit of volume which gives a bit of a mushroom-head look.
The Infinity from Kask is one of the heaviest products in our lineup...
The Infinity from Kask is one of the heaviest products in our lineup but performs well as an aerodynamic pick.


The Infinity stands out with its retractable vent door design that really impacts how the helmet performs. When the vent door is open, a moderately-sized, well-placed vent appears that allows air to flow through and cool the head - and it flows surprisingly well. There are three large vents in the front that can be exposed or covered by the door and two smaller vents along the lower rim at each side that aren't covered by the door, so even when the door is closed, those vents are still drawing in a bit of breeze. There are 8 deep vents at the rear to maintain circulation without compromising aerodynamic performance.

The really unique ventilation aspect here is that under the sliding vent door is a large gap that spans much of the center portion of the helmet, allowing a great deal of air to circulate across the top of the head. In order to ensure that happens, the vent must be open. That means, in turn, that a closed vent door is a warmer helmet, making it ideal for cooler weather and not especially pleasant when closed on long, hot rides. If you do most of your riding in warmer conditions, there are probably better options for you that provide more consistently higher ventilation.

Kask Infinity road bike helmet - the infinity provides reasonable ventilation for an aero helmet with...
The Infinity provides reasonable ventilation for an aero helmet with its retractable vent hood.
Credit: Nick Bruckbauer


At a measured 408 grams in a size Large, the Infinity is definitely one of the heavier high-performance helmets out on the market, but aerodynamic time trial and aerodynamic road helmets like this one tend to skew to the heavier side of the scale.

This model's weight can be attributed to a few extras that contribute to its aerodynamics, comfort, and safety. It uses an extra polycarbonate layer over the top, base ring, and back of the shell to improve safety, slip, and durability. Its polystyrene foam layer is also a bit bulkier, but it adds protection and smooths out the traditional features that increase drag on standard road helmets. While there are certainly lighter helmets out there, none combine the slippery performance and unique style of the Infinity.

Kask Infinity road bike helmet - with its heavy-duty construction, high-end materials, and fancy...
With its heavy-duty construction, high-end materials, and fancy extra features like a retractable vent door, the Infinity is easily one of the heaviest helmets that we've tested.
Credit: Nick Bruckbauer


The Inifinity comes with one of the highest list prices in our entire lineup. Although it has a pretty steep price, this is a pretty versatile product that offers excellent aerodynamic qualities without seriously sacrificing comfort and practicality. If you want an aero helmet but don't want to carry around two helmets or pony up for a premium road helmet and a premium aero helmet, this asking price isn't so bad. If you're simply looking for a lighter and better ventilated for general riding, there are plenty of options out there that will provide much better value.

Kask Infinity road bike helmet - with its sleek design and retractable vent door, the kask infinity...
With its sleek design and retractable vent door, the Kask Infinity is our Top Pick for aerodynamic road helmets.
Credit: Nick Bruckbauer


This is absolutely one of the coolest helmets in the bunch and it was the first one we reached for on all but the hottest days. Its adjustable vent system helps keep the head warm in the winter and spring and keeps things surprisingly cool when the temperatures rise. Not only does the sliding vent design allow a degree of temperature regulation, but it also allows for superior aerodynamic performance when closed, which, of course, is largely why it earns our Top Pick Award for Aero Helmets. If you are in the market for a road helmet that will keep you competitive in some time trials or sprints, especially if you are in a cooler clime, we think you will very much love the Kask Infinity.

Nick Bruckbauer & Ryan Baham
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