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Troy Lee Designs Ace 2 - Women's Review

Simple and lightweight glove with a minimalist approach
Troy Lee Designs Ace 2 - Women's
Photo: Troy Lee Designs
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Price:  $36 List | $36.00 at REI
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Pros:  Lightweight, simple, minimalist desgn
Cons:  Runs on the small size, not a great option for colder weather
Manufacturer:   Troy Lee Designs
By Jeremy Benson ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  May 2, 2018
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Our Verdict

The Troy Lee Designs Ace 2 Women's glove is a lightweight and simple option. The Ace 2 takes a minimalist approach with a mesh backhand and multi-layered palm. This glove is comfortable and runs a little on the small size. The Ace 2 is a wonderful option for warmer temperatures or those concerned with weight. Touch screen compatibility is hit or miss. Handlebar feel is great thanks to the thinner material on the palm. A $36 price tag makes the Ace 2 the most expensive women's glove in our test class.

Our Analysis and Test Results

Performance Comparison

Easily cracks into those trail sized snacks.
Easily cracks into those trail sized snacks.
Photo: JT Teerlink


The Ace 2 Women's gloves run small. This is an overall smaller glove. While the fingers fit on the tighter side there are slight amounts of excess material on the tip of the thumb.The material on the top of the hand fits well and doesn't limit or restrict movements. The wrist fit is snug and seamless. The palm material tight against the hand and doesn't bunch up in the least.

Airy yet durable palm.
Airy yet durable palm.
Photo: JT Teerlink


Aside from any fit issues, there is no denying the fact that the Ace 2 is a comfortable glove. The minimalistic approach provides a light feeling and provides the sense that you are not wearing a glove. The material around the wrist cuff is super smooth and despite being snug does not irritate or restrict the user. The mesh on the top of the hand and inside of the fingers feels wonderful in warmer temperatures but can make for chilly hands when the mercury drops. This is definitely not the glove for colder temperatures. The synthetic palm is complemented with a cool grip panel on the thumb area. This is very comfortable but could be prone to wearing out quickly. The perforated palm and fingers regulate the temperature of your palm/hand.


Conductive threads for touch screen compatibility on the thumb and index finger work approximately 70% of the time. Silicone printed material on the index and middle finger add traction on the bars and brake levers. The thumb does not have such material. The seamless cuff and slip-on design is beautifully simple and effective. A reinforced callus pad on the outside of the palm does add a touch of comfort and durability. A large nose chamois patch on the thumb is a nice feature for addressing a runny nose.

Unrestrictive mesh fabric is a plus.
Unrestrictive mesh fabric is a plus.
Photo: Jt Teerlink


The Ace 2 glove has very little protection. The pinky and index finger have very small protective patches with text on them. This glove is definitely geared towards being comfortable and light. The palm features some reinforcement and protection. The top of the hand is absent of armor.


We have some durability concerns with the mesh fingertips on the Ace 2. These fingertips may be prone to breaking down. Otherwise, we feel these gloves are well-constructed and durable.

Best Applications

The Troy Lee Designs Ace 2 women's gloves are best suited for the cross-country minded rider who wants a barebones and lightweight glove with a nice bar feel. Riders in warmer locations will appreciate the minimalist design. These gloves are not suited for colder temperatures.


The $36 MSRP for the Ace 2 gloves make them the most expensive women's model in our test. We find this is an excellent value for the right buyer in the right climate.


The Troy Lee Designs Ace 2 Women's is a well-crafted and minimalist glove with an excellent bar feel. Riders seeking a lightweight option and hit the trails when the temperature dips will love them.

Other Versions and Accessories

The Ace 2 Women's glove is available in two different colorways. Available sizes are small, medium and large.

Jeremy Benson