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Giro Remedy X2 Review

This is one of the most comfortable in our test selection, with excellent padding for the knuckles and a great bar feel
Giro Remedy X2
Photo: Giro
Editors' Choice Award
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Price:  $40 List | $37.95 at Amazon
Pros:  Comfortable, great fit, knuckle padding, large nose wipe, work with touch screen
Cons:  Expensive
Manufacturer:   Giro
By Jeremy Benson ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  May 3, 2018
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Our Verdict

Giro is a big player in the mountain bike glove market, and the Remedy X2 is the updated version of their ever-popular Remedy glove. Our Editor's Choice Award winner, we found the Remedy X2 to be one of the most comfortable in our test selection while also being packed with useful features. The snug and precise fit of the Remedy X2 was second to none thanks to the 4-way stretch polyester mesh which we also found to be highly breathable. This glove features a wealth of padding in all the right places to protect the knuckles and the back of the hand and palm from close encounters with bushes and other objective hazards. Grippy silicone fingertips, conduction threads for touch screen compatibility, and a generously large and soft chammy on the thumb were some of the other features that made this glove our test favorite.

Our Analysis and Test Results

After thousands of miles of riding in many different pairs of mountain bike gloves, the Giro Remedy X2 stood atop the podium as our overall test favorite, taking home our Editor's Choice Award. We rode this glove hard, on all kinds of terrain and in a variety of temperatures and weather conditions during fall in the northern Sierra. From casual XC rides to throwing down at the local six-pack enduro, the Remedy X2 proved to be the most comfortable glove in our entire test selection with a fit that could not be matched by the competition. The features of the Remedy X2 are also well integrated and help make life easier while out on the trail.

Performance Comparison

The Remedy gloves have a winning combination of comfort, protection...
The Remedy gloves have a winning combination of comfort, protection, and breathability.
Photo: Laura Casner


As mentioned above, the Remedy X2 was one of the best fitting gloves in our test selection. We found the size large to be spot on for our chronically size large hands, and fit just the way we like. The 4-way stretch polyester mesh fabric on the back of the hand provided a very snug fit and precise fit. We found the fingers to be the appropriate length, even the pinky finger which is often strangely long in ill-fitting gloves. The fingers are also made with the perfect amount of articulation, including stretchy splits in the knuckles of the thumb, index, middle, and ring fingers. While we would typically prefer to have less stitching on the palm of a glove, the "Super-fit" three-panel design of the Remedy X2's palm proved to fit especially well with no bunching to speak of. The gloves were easy to put on and take off, with the velcro closure opening wide and cinching them down on the wrist.

Front and back of the X2.
Front and back of the X2.
Photo: Giro


We feel there is a direct correlation between the fit and comfort of a glove, and the exceptional fit of the Remedy X2 helped make it one of the most comfortable in our test. Every time we put it on it just felt good. We found the 4-way stretch polyester mesh on the back of the hand and the AX Suede synthetic leather palm to be a winning combination. The breathability of the 4-way stretch mesh coupled with the light and very air-permeable mesh between the fingers kept our hands reasonably cool on even the warmest of sunny California days. Giro also did a great job with the construction of these gloves with well-designed fingertips that have no uncomfortable in-stitched seams.

These gloves are feature-packed with padded knuckles, a huge...
These gloves are feature-packed with padded knuckles, a huge nose/sweat wipe, silicone fingertips, and conduction threads.
Photo: Laura Casner


The Remedy X2 has a variety of features that really helped make this glove our favorite. First, it has a full-size and very soft chammy panel on the thumb for wiping your runny nose, your sweaty forehead, whatever… Next, it also has some silicone on the tips of the thumb, index, and middle fingers for added grippy-ness on your brake levers or shifter paddles. Two thin strips of silicone on the tip of each digit helps keep them in place where you need and want them to be. Lastly, both the thumb and index finger have conduction threads stitched in for use with touch screens on your phone or maybe even your cycling computer. Touch screen compatibility may not matter to everyone, but it sure is nice to not take your glove off every time you want to take a "selfie" or answer a text message.

The padding on the Remedy X2 is well laid out to protect you where...
The padding on the Remedy X2 is well laid out to protect you where you need it.
Photo: Jeremy Benson


Giro claims the Remedy X2 is designed with aggressive all-mountain and downhill riding in mind. With ample, but not excessive, padding on the knuckles, outer back of the hand, and outer palm, the Remedy X2 is ready for whatever comes its way. The well-placed padding is made from Poron XRD, a lightweight and soft rubber compound that you barely even notice is there until you brush the bark of a tree at speed. The padding on the outer back of the hand is well placed to take an unexpected hit, as is the highly durable material covering it and the pinky finger pads.


Throughout testing, we found the Remedy X2 to be highly durable, standing up to everything we threw its way including an inconsequential crash or two. Despite numerous brushes with manzanita and whitethorn bushes, the 4-way stretch polyester mesh back of the hand looks good as new, although maybe a little dirtier. The Ax-Suede synthetic leather palm shows little signs of wear, and there are zero loose or unraveling threads or rips in the glove anywhere. We would expect these gloves to last a season or two of heavy use, barring some kind of catastrophic crash or something, which is good considering the more-expensive-than-most $40 retail price tag…


At their suggested retail price, these gloves are on the expensive end of the spectrum. That said, we feel the fit, features, and performance of the Remedy X2 is worth the price. The unparalleled fit and comfort of these gloves, coupled with the features and protection they have to offer made this our Editor's Choice Award Winner. We loved it and we bet you will too.

The Remedy X2 is comfortable enough to ride all day with the...
The Remedy X2 is comfortable enough to ride all day with the protection you need to charge hard when you want.
Photo: Laura Casner


After hundreds of hours, thousands of miles, and ten pairs of gloves, the Giro Remedy X2 proved to be our favorite and took home our Editor's Choice Award. The combination of an incredible fit, useful features and comfortable well placed padding had us wishing we were riding in these gloves all the time. If we had to choose one pair of gloves for warm weather riding, the Remedy X2 would be it.

Other Versions and Accessories

The Remedy X2 is available in 5 colorways and 5 different sizes, S, M, L, XL, and XXL. Giro makes a full line of gloves for mountain and road biking to suit every preference or weather condition.

Jeremy Benson