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100% Simi Review

The 100% Simi took home our Top Pick for Gravity Riders with its great fit, knuckle protection, and super-grippy silicone palms
100% simi mountain bike gloves review
Credit: 100%
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Price:  $30 List
Manufacturer:   100%
By Jeremy Benson ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  May 3, 2018
  • Fit - 25% 7.0
  • Comfort - 20% 7.0
  • Features - 25% 8.0
  • Protection - 10% 8.0
  • Durability - 20% 8.0

Our Verdict

100% has discontinued this award-winning glove.
Work with touch screen
Silicone palms and fingertips
November 2018

After a couple months of testing 10 different pairs of mountain bike gloves, the 100% Simi rose to the top of the heap as our Top Pick for Gravity Riders. Not only do these gloves fit well with a comfortable mix of fabrics and a good construction, but they offer a variety of features that gravity riders will appreciate. The ample padding is well placed for protecting the knuckles and upper back of the hand, while a large silicone 100% logo covers the fingers and palm providing for the best grip of any glove in our test selection. You won't even need to take these gloves off to snap pics of your friends sending it at the bike park with touch screen compatibility due to the incorporation of conduction threads in the tips of the index finger and thumb. Overall, we were impressed with the Simi and if you're a gravity rider we think you will be too.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The 100% Simi showed up a little late to the testing party due to a delivery problem. At that point, we'd already tested the other models of men's gloves thoroughly and we thought we'd chosen our favorites. We figured this would've put the Simi at a disadvantage, but it actually had the opposite effect, we were immediately impressed with the glove's fit, features, bar feel, and performance. We were so impressed that they ended up being our Top Pick for Gravity Oriented Riders. Being a little heavier duty, padded, and with silicone that extends from the fingertips down over the palm, they had a tenacious grip that none of the other gloves could match. They're certainly not the most breathable of gloves, with a perforated leather on the back of the hand, but if you're running shuttles and riding chairlifts, as opposed to riding uphill in hot temperatures, these gloves might be perfect for you.

Performance Comparison

100% simi mountain bike gloves review - conduction threads on the index finger and thumb make these gloves...
Conduction threads on the index finger and thumb make these gloves easy to flex all of your social media muscle while out on a ride.
Credit: Jeremy Benson


We found the fit of the 100% Simi to be pretty spot on. They've been in the glove making game for some time and this is evidenced in their well-designed glove. All of the fingers were an appropriate length, and they are articulated just the right amount, plus they have articulation slits on the knuckles of all the fingers for enhanced dexterity. We found the size large to fit our size large tester's hands perfectly, with no excess or bunching of material. The gloves don't have a lot of stretch in the Clarino single-layer palm or perforated leather on the back of the hand, but they do have a stretch panel by the thumb and they are secured with a large velcro flap on the outside, pinky side, of the glove.


At first glance, we thought the 100% Simi might be slightly uncomfortable. The perforated leather back of the hand and the padding looked like it might be a little stiff on the knuckles. For the first few minutes of the first test ride, this proved to be true, but they quickly broke in and became impressively comfortable. The leather across the knuckles conformed to our hands, and since then we've had no complaints. The construction of the gloves, and especially the fingertips, is well done and there are no uncomfortable in-stitched seams to make note of. This was our first experience wearing 100% products, and we were impressed with their comfort. All that said, the Simi is a pretty warm glove, the perforated leather on the back of the hand and the single layer Clarino palm didn't prove to be all that breathable. We recommend these gloves for people who aren't climbing for hours in the hot sun.


100% went ahead and packed this glove with features that made it one of our top picks. First, they put a large silicone 100% logo on the Clarino palm that covers the index and middle fingers as well as half of the palm. None of the other gloves in our test selection had silicone grip on the palm, and we really noticed an especially tenacious grip with these gloves. We feel this added grip is especially beneficial for gravity riders hitting jumps and hurtling downhill at higher speeds. We also liked the fact that the Simi has a generously sized nose wipe chammy on the thumb. It is slightly interrupted with additional palm Clarino material for added protection and durability, but that didn't prevent us using the heck out of it on cooler rides when our nose was running. 100% also went ahead and stitched three strands of conduction threads through the tips of the index finger and thumb for compatibility with touch screens, a feature we feel is a must in our digital age.

100% simi mountain bike gloves review - the silicone grip logo on the palm gave the simi the best grip of...
The silicone grip logo on the palm gave the Simi the best grip of any glove we tested.
Credit: Jeremy Benson


Protection of the hands is one of the Simi's strong suits. The gloves offer quite a bit of padding in most of the places you want it. First, there are a number of small foam pads integrated into the perforated leather on the top of the knuckles of the index, middle, and ring fingers, as well as the fingers themselves. We were a little confused as to why there wouldn't be these same pads on the pinky finger, the one we feel we strike on things the most. But they did incorporate a welded plastic/rubber 100% logo over that knuckle, which provides a similar level of protection. They also put padding on the outside of the palm and back of the hand on the back of the large velcro flap for potential strikes to the outside of the hand in the case of a brush with a tree trunk or a crash.


During the course of our testing, we found the Simi to be very durable. There are no tears in any of the fabric, whether on the palm or the back of the hand. The silicone on the palms and fingertips is still completely intact and not peeling in any way. All of the stitching also still appears to be intact and holding up to our abuse thus far. Our biggest concern with these gloves is the white Clarino palm material, which has turned a lighter shade of brown after extended contact with our dirty grips.

Best Applications

The 100% Simi gloves are best suited to Gravity Riders. These gloves offer features, protection, and durability that is ideal for those running shuttles or riding lifts. These gloves are definitely a little on the warm side, and while they can certainly be used for all types of mountain bike riding, those who are spending little to no time climbing in the heat will probably enjoy them the most.


At a retail price of $29.50, the 100% Simi isn't the least expensive glove in our test, but they are around $10 cheaper than our Editor's Choice Award-winning glove, the Giro Remedy X2. While our Editor's Choice Award winner trumps the Simi slightly in fit, comfort, breathability, and versatility, it's hard to beat the 100% glove's value. Overall, we feel that this represents a good value for the features and protection this glove has to offer.


If you're a gravity rider in the market for a glove that offers a good fit, great protection, and a tenacious grip, then we feel that the 100% Simi represents a good value. While we wouldn't recommend this glove for XC riders in warmer climates, we feel that the gravity crowd will love what this glove has to offer.

Other Versions and Accessories

The Simi comes in 5 color options and 4 sizes, Small through XL. 100% also makes a full line of gloves to suit a variety of conditions and rider preferences.

Jeremy Benson

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