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Editors' Choice Award
This fantastic all-around board took home the top score and the Editors' Choice award.
Best Buy Award
This great board is a fantastic value, matching the performance of boards that are hundreds are dollars more expensive.
Top Pick Award
A high performer with quality components, this model takes home a Top Pick award for its performance.
Not for the casual paddle, the Raven is best suited for races or long tours.
Editors' Choice Award
A chart-topper in nearly every metric, the Explorer handily took home our Editors' Choice Award.
Top Pick Award
This durable board holds up under hard use and is a great choice for beginners or families.
This arrow-like touring board glides the best of the bunch, but you might end up in the water unexpectedly.
This model might be a great choice for surfing, but gets swept away when it comes to general paddling.
While it might be a great choice for surfers, this SUP will disappoint the general paddler.
While inexpensive, we found the CBC SUP to be exceptionally flawed, performing poorly on the water.