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Steve McNamara, Dr. Hipocrates, Alan Watts.
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Steve McNamara

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Steve McNamara is senior editor at SuperTopo and OutdoorGearLab and manages the shipping and inventory. For 37 years he was editor and publisher of Pacific Sun, the alternative newsweekly serving California’s Marin and Sonoma Counties. Prior to the Sun, McNamara was at the Winston-Salem (N.C.) Journal as a police reporter, at the Miami Herald as a sports writer and the San Francisco Examiner as assistant news editor, executive sports editor and Sunday editor. He was also a contributing editor for Car and Driver magazine covering the Grand Prix racing circuit in Europe. His big wall experience leans heavily toward Yosemite’s Mountain Room Bar and a lawn chair in El Cap Meadow. Steve now serves as advisor to the San Quentin News, the only inmate-produced newspaper in California.