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Stephanie Bennett

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Growing up in the asphalt defined suburbs of Philadelphia, some still wonder how Stephanie has found herself wandering in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. Graduating from the University of Vermont in 2003, Stephanie found herself behind a desk at Burton Snowboards, working on international trade policies and production manufacturing in China. After a brief stint in the great state of Vermont, she landed a sweet gig at K2 Sports as their Supply Chain Manager for Apparel and Footwear. After a few years, traveling to Asia to visit factories and working in the city; Stephanie took a three-year hiatus and moved to the place that truly holds her heart - the North Cascades. During this time, she received a Masters in Environmental Education and became a certified Naturalist from North Cascades Institute. This new lifestyle afforded her the freedom in the mountains she had been craving for years. From running over 100 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail to exploring the snow-capped wilderness on her split-board, Stephanie has explored every nook and cranny the North Cascades Ecosystem has to offer. Stephanie now splits her time between Bellingham, WA and Seattle, WA where she is a Supply-Chain consultant and trail runner, mountain biker, split boarder, birder and dog owner.