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Photo: Nolan Pieper

Nolan Pieper

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Nolan was raised along California’s Central Coast where he spent most of his time outdoors. After throwing in the towel for traditional team sports he committed completely to exploring and experiencing the outdoors in any way he could. Snowboarding, backpacking, mountain biking, and surfing were at the tip of his fingers growing up around San Luis Obispo and he tried them all. However, once he started college in Santa Barbara and found climbing, the rest was history. He was instantly addicted from the first time he grabbed a plastic hold bolted into the wall. Slowly but surely climbing became his top priority and pursuit, surpassing his education much to the dismay of his mother. Nolan did eventually graduate and put his degree to good use as a full-time route setter for Touchstone Climbing in the Bay Area. When Nolan can escape from the climbing gym he can be found roaming California testing his wit and ability on boulders across the state. If you ever do manage to find him without a chalk bag or impact driver in his hand he will usually be holding a book just enjoying the day.