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Klean Kanteen Vacuum Insulated Review

Klean Kanteen Vacuum Insulated
Price:   $31 List | $21.39 at Amazon
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Pros:  Very insulated, fits in cup holders well, sturdy carrying handle, keeps drink hot for the longest amount of time of any contender
Cons:  Retains residual flavors, difficult to clean, narrow mouth is hard to fill
Bottom line:  A take on the Classic version, it's simple, sleek, and will keep your drinks hot or cold.
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Manufacturer:   Klean Kanteen

Our Verdict

The Klean Kanteen Insulated shares some features with its cousin, the Klean Kanteen Classic. It has a simple and sleek profile, is made of stainless steel, and appears quite durable. Although it proved a better insulator than the other similar bottles in our review, the Hydro Flask Wide-Mouth Insulated and the Contigo Thermalock Glacier, it also fell (sometimes far) behind its competitors in a number of metrics. This Klean Kanteen is an insulating machine, but is not very versatile. See how it stacked up in each metric below.

This contender is a 20-fluid-ounce vacuum insulated bottle. Our tests verified that this bottle is serious when it comes to insulating beverages, both hot and cold. It was also the only stainless steel bottle we reviewed that features a standard stainless steel cap, so you don't have to order an extra cap to avoid plastic altogether. At $30, it's four bucks cheaper than its competition. All these things are great, but this bottle's poor performance in taste and weight, as well as its small volume, held it back from bringing home any trophies.

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Editors' Choice Award
Our favorite model overall for its versatility, insulation, durability, simplicity, and style points.
Best Buy Award
Popular for good reason, this bottle provides a lot of utility at a low price.
Excellent insulation and simple design make this a stand-out model.
A unique and user-friendly design makes this bottle intriguing, yet also difficult to clean.
A great combination of durable materials and low weight, this is a tried and true design.
Top Pick Award
Our favorite glass model is a pleasure to gulp from and easy to carry and clean.
Slender and stylish, this bottle's small capacity means you need to stay close to your water source for refills.
Large and in charge, this durable and heavy model is a solid option for folks needing a lot of liquid to stay hot or cold.
Top Pick Award
Our favorite collapsible model is ideal for excursions where weight is key and space is limited.
Lightweight and equipped with a straw, this is a popular option for everyday use and workouts.
Best choice for folks who prefer to flavor their water.
Part travel mug, part water bottle, this vacuum insulated model fell short in comparison to other products reviewed.
This option makes drinking from a collapsible a little easier, yet it doesn't fold up very small.

Our Analysis and Hands-on Test Results

Review by:
Jane Jackson
Senior Review Editor

Last Updated:
December 5, 2016


Ease of Use

We found that this contender was not as easy to drink from as the Hydro Flask Wide-Mouth Insulated, our Editors' Choice winner, or the Avex Brazos Autoseal. Its wide mouth has a very thin rim that is not only uncomfortable to drink from, but also becomes very hot when the body is filled with hot contents. While it is bearable, the thicker rim of the Hydro Flask didn't get as hot, and was therefore nicer to use. Because we expect to drink hot liquids from an insulated bottle often, we were disappointed on this front. The narrow mouth also makes it difficult to fill, especially if you're handling hot water. We found it hard to use without spilling water on our hands when filling.

In terms of insulation, this bottle won some points back. We filled it with ice and water, and it took 25 hours for the ice to completely melt. At 50 hours, the water inside was still ice cold. It also kept liquids hot longer than the Hydro Flask, keeping our coffee at a drinkable temperature for about an hour longer (approximately seven hours of hot drinks).

The simple cap and bottle design is leak-proof. Also, the looped caps of both the Klean Kanteen Insulated and Klean Kanteen Classic were the sturdiest of all 10 bottles we reviewed.

Introducing the Klean Kanteen Insulated; complete with a leakproof cap and bottle design.
Introducing the Klean Kanteen Insulated; complete with a leakproof cap and bottle design.


Our biggest disappointment in the Klean Kanteen Insulated came in this metric. It imparted a significant metallic taste in our plain water and 24-hour taste tests. The results from the flavor retention tests were equally unsatisfactory, as our taste testers were able to detect the taste and smell of the sports drink in subsequent water refills. The Hydro Flask, and even the Avex Brazos did better in flavor retention, so if you plan to put lots of different beverages in your bottle, we suggest checking out one of these insulated bottles instead.

Our testing was unsatisfactory  as we noticed smells and tastes that were left behind from past beverages.
Our testing was unsatisfactory, as we noticed smells and tastes that were left behind from past beverages.

This bottle fared even worse when it came to retaining the taste of coffee. After filling it once with coffee, we were unable to remove the strong coffee smell from the bottle, even after soaking it for 12 hours in a mixture of baking soda, vinegar, and water.


This contender proved to be more durable than the Hydro Flask, as it maintained its integrity after drop tests on its bottom and cap. The resulting dent on the bottom didn't affect its insulating properties, but did make it more wobbly on a flat surface. The cap suffered only minor scratches. With proper care, though, this stainless steel bottle should last a long time. The other Klean Kanteen bottle actually dented more intensely than the insulated model, making it the most durable option form Klean Kanteen.

Watch our drop tests here:

Ease of Cleaning

Because of its narrow mouth, the Klean Kanteen was significantly difficult to clean, compared to the Hyrdo Flask. In addition, the internal threads on the lid of the handle collected gunk and was difficult to wash, reducing the overall score in this category. Do not wash this product in the dishwasher, as it will damage its insulating properties. The wide mouth of the Avex Brazos or the Contigo Thermalock were easier to clean, but had more complex lids, so ended up being equally challenging to clean in comparison to the Klean Kanteen Insulated.


This bottle holds 12 fluid ounces less than the Hydro Flask, but weighs just 1.6 ounces less. For its size, the Klean Kanteen is pretty heavy. But, if you are just using it as a work bottle, this added weight is not a huge issue. The Thermalock Glacier weighed in at just about the same weight, with the Avex Brazos one ounce heavier. This shows that most of these insulated, small-volume bottles have very similar weights.

Best Applications

If you need a bottle to take hot beverages to work, this bottle is a great choice. However, after we went with coffee, we found we couldn't go back to water due to the lingering coffee aftertaste. Alternatively, if you are looking for an insulated bottle for cold drinks while at work or play, this bottle will also serve you very well.

This contender excels in keeping hot liquids hot  though unfortunately  the taste will linger.
This contender excels in keeping hot liquids hot, though unfortunately, the taste will linger.


The Klean Kanteen Insulated is $4 cheaper, but isn't as good a value as the more versatile and award winning Hydro Flask Wide-Mouth Insulated. We found it to be on the expensive side, considering its limited areas of use.


The Klean Kanteen insulates beverages well. However, it does have significant drawbacks: it affects taste and has an uncomfortable rim for drinking. If you have $30 to spare and need a bottle to fill with your favorite hot/cold beverage for the office, this bottle is a great option. However, if you want a more versatile bottle, have a look at the Hydro Flask Insulated.

Other Versions & Accessories

Insulated 12oz - $24
Insulated 20oz - $30
Insulated 32oz - $35
Insulated 64oz - $57

Stainless Wide Flip D-Ring Cap
  • Heavy duty clip in point
  • Low profile flat cap when loop is flipped down
  • $9

Kleen Kanteen Cafe Cap
Cafe Cap
  • Excellent coffee mug style cap
  • $6

Stainless Steel Quick Cage
Coated Steel Quick Cage
  • Attachable water bottle holder for a bike
  • 3 sizes: Regular, Large and XL to accommodate all sized Klean Kanteen insulated bottles
  • $25-40
Jane Jackson

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