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Contigo Thermalock Glacier Review

contigo 20 oz Thermalock glacier
Price:   $16 List
Pros:  Lightweight, durable body, lid and bottle both easy to clean
Cons:  Lid design is confusing, mouthpiece in center of lid is difficult to drink from
Bottom line:  The Thermalock Glacier is a insulated bottle designed specifically for keeping drinks cold, and thus has a wide mouth to make filling with ice easier.
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Manufacturer:   Contigo

Our Verdict

Somewhere between a to-go mug and a water bottle lies the Contigo Thermalock Glacier 20 oz. Contigo markets this product as one that is meant to keep heat out and drinks inside cool, but the bottle can be used the other way as well — keeping hot drinks warm for long periods of time. Much like the Avex Brazos Autoseal, the Contigo is easy to clean and does not retain flavors, making it a great vessel for sports drinks or iced tea. Similar to the Avex, though, the lid is overly complicated and has many plastic parts that seemed excessive and prone to failure.

Product Update — May 2017
Contigo Thermalock Glacier
We've noticed some changes to the Thermalock Glacier for this season and have contacted Contigo for confirmation. We'll post more when we have the full story!

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Our Analysis and Hands-on Test Results

Review by:
Jane Jackson
Senior Review Editor

Last Updated:
December 5, 2016

The Thermalock Glacier is designed for hot summer days where you want you cold drinks to last longer than five minutes in the sun. The lid is meant to be removed to put ice in or fill easily and the bottle itself is vacuum insulated.

Ease of Use

There is a trend in water bottle design to solve a few long standing problems that occur when drinking out of a bottle. Water bottle companies have been working to eliminate the issue of spillage when drinking out of widemouth bottles and they are also trying to figure out how to make one-handed drinking (think driving or walking) easier.

The Thermalock Glacier accompanied us from the boulders to the coffee shop  keeping hot liquids hot and cold ones cool.
The Thermalock Glacier accompanied us from the boulders to the coffee shop, keeping hot liquids hot and cold ones cool.

The Glacier's answer to these issues is a push button that opens the lid, with a large hole in the center of the lid to drink from. The issue here is that the hole is in the middle of the lid, instead of on the side, making it awkward to actually drink out of. The carrying handle is another component of this lid that is not ideally placed. It flips out of the outside of the lid when the lid is opened but is not a ergonomic shape for carrying with one hand. The Avex Brazos Autoseal also has a plastic carrying cap, but it is smaller and sleeker, making it a preferred version of the Thermalock Glacier.

The lid mechanism has a number of hinges and plastic parts  bringing down the bottle's overall durability score.
The lid mechanism has a number of hinges and plastic parts, bringing down the bottle's overall durability score.


Like most of the insulated bottles we tested (the Hydro Flask Wide-Mouth Insulated, our Editors' Choice winner, or the Klean Kanteen Vacuum Insulated, to name a few), the Glacier's body is quite durable and did well in our drop tests. There was little damage done to the body when dropped from a height onto concrete. The lid however, has a number of hinges and plastic parts that are susceptible to breakage. The bottles with fewer moving parts, like the Hydro Flask or Klean Kanteen Classic and Klean Kanteen Insulated did better overall in durability because they had fewer weak points where breaks could occur.

Ease of Cleaning

The Thermalock is easy to clean, only taking a few minutes with a bottle brush to clean out the inside. The lid is also fairly easy to clean, considering the complexity of its design. The wide mouth on the spout is easier to clean than the narrow sipping feature on the Avex Brazos.


At 12 oz, the Thermalock Glacier is comparable in weight to the Klean Kanteen Stainless bottles. All of these bottles are proving that just because a bottle is made of metal it doesn't have to be bulky and heavy; all of these bottles are sleek and lightweight. They are also relatively small, so they though they are light, they do not have a very large carrying capacity.


Of all the metric ratings, the Thermalock performed best in the taste category. The bottle took on different flavored beverages and was able to shed their tastes with one quick wash between uses. The plastic of the lid is simple, so flavors don't get stuck in nooks and crannies, like they did with the Avex Autoseal.

Best Application

With its vacuum insulated design, the Thermalock Glacier can hold both hot and cold liquids. On their website, Contigo sells the Thermalock Glacier as a bottle that is specifically designed for keeping drinks cold rather than hot. We did find that the large, central spout on the lid makes drinking water with ice easier, because the ice doesn't come rushing up toward your mouth when you lift the bottle. For hot drinks, the bottle also works well as the mouth of the bottle is plastic and does not hold heat like the Klean Kanteen does. This is a good bottle for tea or a cold drink, but since it is so small, it is not ideal as your only hydration source for the day.

The Contigo fits perfectly in a car cuphold  making it a good option for anything from the daily commute to a road trip.
The Contigo fits perfectly in a car cuphold, making it a good option for anything from the daily commute to a road trip.


At $30, the Thermalock Glacier is fairly expensive for the features it provides. Though it is insulated, the lid design is complicated and has many features that are subject to wearing out quickly. Also, because it is only designed for cold drinks, it is not as versatile as a Klean Kanteen or Hydro Flask, if you are looking for an insulated bottle.


Because of its many parts, (mainly the push button flip lid, with multiple hinges) the Thermalock Glacier received low scores in the ease-of-use and durability metrics. The bottle itself is durable and works very well to keep liquids cold or hot, but the lid lacked functionality.
Jane Jackson

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