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CamelBak Chute Vacuum Insulated Review

CamelBak Chute Vacuum Insulated
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Pros:  Durable, large carrying capacity, wide and narrow mouth options
Cons:  Complicated lid design, heavy
Bottom line:  The CamelBak Chute is the largest vacuum insulated bottle we tested, with a lid that allows you to fill with a wide mouth, but drink out of a smaller spout.
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Manufacturer:   CamelBak

Our Verdict

The 40 oz Chute is CamelBak's answer to the Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Insulated bottle. This is the largest bottle we tested, and the heaviest. Its insulated design keeps liquids hot or cold for long periods of time. The Chute also comes in BPA- and BPS-free plastic, and in smaller sizes. The smaller, plastic versions are similar to the CamelBak Eddy, without the straw feature.

The lid is designed so that the drinker gets a steady flow of water from the small spout, but still has the ability to fill using a wide mouth. Some of these features seem a bit over-designed and did not end up being as effective as their design intended.

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Our favorite model overall for its versatility, insulation, durability, simplicity, and style points.
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Popular for good reason, this bottle provides a lot of utility at a low price.
Excellent insulation and simple design make this a stand-out model.
A unique and user-friendly design makes this bottle intriguing, yet also difficult to clean.
A great combination of durable materials and low weight, this is a tried and true design.
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Our favorite glass model is a pleasure to gulp from and easy to carry and clean.
Slender and stylish, this bottle's small capacity means you need to stay close to your water source for refills.
Large and in charge, this durable and heavy model is a solid option for folks needing a lot of liquid to stay hot or cold.
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Our favorite collapsible model is ideal for excursions where weight is key and space is limited.
Lightweight and equipped with a straw, this is a popular option for everyday use and workouts.
Best choice for folks who prefer to flavor their water.
Part travel mug, part water bottle, this vacuum insulated model fell short in comparison to other products reviewed.
This option makes drinking from a collapsible a little easier, yet it doesn't fold up very small.

Our Analysis and Hands-on Test Results

Review by:
Jane Jackson
Senior Review Editor

Last Updated:
December 5, 2016

The Chute is a vacuum insulated bottle with a double lid that allows for easy filling through the wide mouth, but also allows for a smooth pour out of the smaller spout. This feature is unique and thoughtful, but also unnecessarily complicated.

Here  the Chute's main feature  its lid  is displayed. The inner spout makes drinking easier  while the main lid makes it easy to fill.
Here, the Chute's main feature, its lid, is displayed. The inner spout makes drinking easier, while the main lid makes it easy to fill.

Performance Comparison

Ease of use

As with many of the other water bottles we tested this year, the Chute has the problem of being slightly over-designed. The multi-closure lid proved to be more complicated than necessary, but does provide options for those who prefer drinking out of a wide or a narrow mouth bottle. It is also a good bottle for putting ice in, as you can fill it with ice using the wide mouth, but not worry about spilling water as the ice moves around while you drink. A bottle with a similar function is the LifeFactory Flip Cap, which allows you to fill the bottle with the wide mouth and then drink from the flip cap. Another aspect of the Chute worth noting is the diameter of the bottle at its base: too wide to fit in a cup holder, which is unfortunate for driving.

The CamelBak Chute is best used as a thermos  with its large carrying capacity and insulated construction.
The CamelBak Chute is best used as a thermos, with its large carrying capacity and insulated construction.


The bottle is not impact resistant, and we did experience the lid holder slipping off, causing the bottle to fall to the ground when filling. A small dent appeared where the bottle impacted the ground. In addition, the number of pieces that make up the lid make it faulty. These factors together make the bottle less durable than the Hydro Flask or Klean Kanteen Vacuum Insulated, which both have simpler lid designs that are less prone to breaking.

Ease of Cleaning

The wide mouth of the CamelBak Chute make it fairly easy to clean. The bottle and lid parts are all dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean this way, if you have access to one! If you are looking for other dishwasher safe bottles, check out the Citrus Zinger or the LifeFactory Glass Flip Cap. If you don't want to use a dishwasher, it is easy to give the bottle a quick rinse by hand. The nice thing about the lid is that all three parts are held together by the carrying handle, so it is easy to wash without losing any of the parts.

The two Camelbak models we tested are shown side by side. The Chute is much heavier and less versatile; the Eddy is light and easy to drink from.
The two Camelbak models we tested are shown side by side. The Chute is much heavier and less versatile; the Eddy is light and easy to drink from.


At exactly 16 oz, or one pound, the CamelBak Chute 40 oz is a hefty bottle. For using around town or taking to work with iced tea or hot beverages, it is a good choice. But, as our second heaviest bottle we tested, the Chute would not be ideal for hiking or carrying long distances. Compared to its relative, the Hydro Flask Wide-Mouth, the Chute is only 2 oz heavier, but is also has a larger carrying capacity than the Hydro Flask by 8 oz.


Like its Hydro Flask competitor, the CamelBak Chute does a great job at resisting flavors of the liquids you put inside it. The bottle itself sheds the scent and flavor of coffees and teas, but the plastic lid did get stained with a coffee flavor after filling the Chute with coffee.

Best Application

Because of its size and weight, the Chute is best used around town or as a work water bottle. Since it is insulated, it is a good option for carrying either hot or cold liquids. The double lid feature is great for filling the bottle with ice while still having the ergonomic small spout to drink out of without fear of ice hitting your face as you sip.

The Chute is one of the most expensive bottles we tested  but it does come in smaller sizes if you like the lid features but want a less expensive option.
The Chute is one of the most expensive bottles we tested, but it does come in smaller sizes if you like the lid features but want a less expensive option.


At $40, the Chute is one of the more expensive bottles that we tested. Insulated bottles tend to be more expensive than non-insulated ones, and the Chute is no exception. If you are intrigued by the dual lid design, the Chute might be a good investment for you, but if you are more interested in a insulated bottle with a more simple, sleek design, the Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Insulated may be a better option.


Overall, the CamelBak Chute performs the duties of an insulated water bottle quite well. It falls short in a few crucial departments, though. The width of the bottle is too wide for a cup holder and the lid is overdesigned and thus faulty. The smaller lid is supposed to nestle into the carrying handle, which it does not do successfully. It is also complicated and difficult to use initially. That said, the bottle does fill easily, while still having the option to drink from a smaller opening.
Jane Jackson

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