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Deuter ACT Lite 60 - Women's Review

Deuter ACT Lite 60  Women's
Price:   $210 List | $209.00 at Backcountry
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Pros:  Inexpensive, supportive, comfortable
Cons:  Lacks sleeping pad straps, not spacious
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Manufacturer:   Deuter

Our Verdict

The Deuter ACT Lite 60+10 is a great women's specific backpack for the value. At $210, the ACT Lite has many features typically found on more expensive backpacks: the shoulder straps width, padding, and comfort are comparable to the Gregory Deva 60; the simple design is comparable to the simplicity and ease of use of the Osprey Aura AG 50 and the Osprey Ariel AG 55. Although the ACT Lite is measured at 60+10 liters of carrying capacity, we noticed that it doesn't pack as compact as the Osprey Aura AG 50 and we didn't find the ACT Lite to be as spacious as some of the other backpacks in our review. All in all, the Deuter ACT Lite has a very comfortable, simple design, and is notable as a simple backpack for carrying lighter loads. It rated consistently well across all of our metrics and offers a great value.

New Version Update - March 2015
Deuter has made some minor changes to the ACT Lite 60 + 10; the pack is also now available in new colors. Keep reading to compare the differences between the two models.

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Our Analysis and Hands-on Test Results

Review by:
Briana Valorosi
Review Editor

Last Updated:
March 6, 2015


The New Deuter ACT Lite 60 + 10 vs. The Older Version of the ACT Lite 60 + 10

Deuter has made minor changes for 2015 and the ACT Lite 60 + 10 has new colors for this season - pine/moss, arctic/denim, and midnight/turquoise. In addition to the aesthetic changes, you will also find added compression straps onto the outside of the bottom compartment, which will allow for additional attachment options.

Below, you will see this season's pack in pine/moss, as compared to last season's in green.
Deuter ACT Lite 60
Deuter ACT Lite 60  Women's

Hands-On Review

The Deuter ACT Lite is an inexpensive women's specific backpacking backpack with a simple design. Offered in only a single size, the adjustability options are easy to configure, yet extensive enough to suit many body types. The ACT Lite is a great backpack for the woman looking for comfort and simplicity in a lightweight form.

Performance Comparison

The Deuter ACT Lite is a simple  affordable option that performs well on a variety of terrain. We love how comfortable this backpack is  even hiking uphill and downhill along the Sierra crest.
The Deuter ACT Lite is a simple, affordable option that performs well on a variety of terrain. We love how comfortable this backpack is, even hiking uphill and downhill along the Sierra crest.


The Deuter ACT Lite is a simple, single-size, adjustable backpack that we found to be quite comfortable. Like similar one-size adjustable backpacks, such as the Osprey Viva 50, the padding across the back and shoulder straps is plenty cushy. The shoulder straps are on the wide side- we think they best suit an athletic body type. This backpack is most comfortable under light to mid-weight loads, but becomes less comfortable with a heavier pack load. The Deuter ACT Lite is more comfortable than the Granite Gear Blaze A.C. 60 - Women's but it is less comfortable than any of the Osprey backpacks or the The North Face Terra 55 - Women's, which is our Best Buy winner for women's backpacking backpack. Designed with women's specific sizing, the ACT Lite offers a shorter torso and conically shaped hip fins that add to the comfort of wearing this pack during long days.


At about the same weight as our Editors' Choice backpack, the ACT Lite weighs in at 3 lbs, 11 oz- in the middle range of weight for all our backpacks in the women's review. While it doesn't weigh in heavy, it felt heavy when we reviewed it. Surprisingly, it feels a significant amount heavier than it is, but this may be attributed to a heavy pack load, which it doesn't sufficiently support. On our backs, this backpack feels as heavy as the Kelty Coyote- the only difference is that the Kelty Coyote is a 5 lb backpack and the Deuter ACT Lite is 3lbs, 11oz.


With an adjustable torso length, the suspension's function depends on a proper fit. We found that when we fit it properly, the suspension distributes the weight of the pack well under lower weight loads, though it does not distribute weight well when packed heavy. For a one size, adjustable backpack that distributes heavier weight loads well, we recommend the Osprey Viva, which is comparable in size, weight, and simple design features.

Ease of Use and Organization

The ACT Lite is designed with simplicity in mind, and we find it easy to use. Few adjustment points make figuring out a proper fit easy. Few pockets allow for ease of organization and ease of access to all of our belongings. Some awkward design features take away from the ease of use: the sleeping bag compartment has an arched zipper on the front of the pack that is awkward to open and close, yet retains an element of durability. Also, the lack of sleeping pad straps limit the ease of use as the next best way to attach a sleeping pad is to secure it beneath the lid, which is not ideal. Every time we went to access the main compartment, we had to fuss with the sleeping pad. The Granite Gear Blaze A.C. also lacks sleeping pad straps, but it is much easier to secure the sleeping pad with side bungee straps, which the Deuter also lacks.

The Deuter ACT Lite offers a well-padded waist belt  and an unrivaled arching sleeping bag compartment. While we missed having lower sleeping pad attachment straps  the kangaroo pocket enclosure strap offered an alternative way to secure it.
The Deuter ACT Lite offers a well-padded waist belt, and an unrivaled arching sleeping bag compartment. While we missed having lower sleeping pad attachment straps, the kangaroo pocket enclosure strap offered an alternative way to secure it.

One of the simpler backpacks in regards to organization options, the Deuter ACT Lite has only three enclosed compartments, including the main compartment, which we think is great! The organization of this backpack has pockets where they were necessary, with three separate access points into the main compartment. Sadly, there is only a single waist belt pocket, and we have come to expect two waist belt pockets as standard, considering that all but one other pack in this review has two.


Similar to the Osprey Viva and the North Face Terra, a one-size adjustable backpack allows for simple adjustments of the shoulder straps, torso length, and waist belt. The Deuter ACT Lite has simple design features that are easily comprehensible and we figured out an ideal fit with few alterations. One design feature we wish the Deuter ACT Lite had is the option to narrow the shoulder width, but although wider than desired, the comfort was not sacrificed, and the adjustments elsewhere kept the backpack stable.

Best Application

The ACT Lite is best used for 2-6+ day backpacking trips where pack load is considered light to mid-weight. This backpack is not well suited for heavier pack loads. For the woman new to backpacking and also for the experienced backpacker looking to carry less (not necessarily less weight, but less gear), the ACT Lite is just right.


At a suggested retail price of $210, the ACT Lite is a good value. It has a simple design offering few pockets, yet plenty of adjustment options on a one-size-fits-most backpack. For both the beginner and the advanced backpacking woman, the Deuter ACT Lite is a middle range priced value. There are less expensive packs in our review that offer more features but may lack in ease of use or a compromise in weight.


From the company that has been making backpacks for over one hundred years, the women's specific Deuter ACT Lite is sure not to disappoint. The ACT Lite is a simple backpack in a single size while still offering more than sufficient padding on the shoulder straps, waist belt, and back frame, and enough adjustment options to comfortably configure to most body sizes and preferences. Whether new to backpacking or experienced and looking to simplify, the Deuter ACT Lite is a good value for a simple yet comfortable backpack.

Other Versions

ACT Lite 45+10
ACT Lite 45+10
  • Cost - $189
  • Weight - 3 lbs. 6 oz
  • SL (Slimline) fit
  • Smaller version of the Act Lite 60

ACT Lite 65+10
ACT Lite 65+10
  • Men's version
  • Cost - $209
  • Weight -3 lbs. 14 oz
Briana Valorosi

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