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Serfas FP-200 Review

Serfas FP-200 Floor Pump
Price:   $45 List | $44.95 at MooseJaw
Pros:  Cool design and color. Easy to read gauge. Durable.
Cons:  Sometimes difficult to get a good seal. Less comfortable handles
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Manufacturer:   Serfas

Our Verdict

A cool-looking, long-lasting, and easy-to-use pump, the Serfas FP-200 comes in with high marks across the board. As with our other single head floor pumps, we found getting a good seal was a bit trickier than we would have liked, but it didn't occur enough to overshadow the stable base, easy to read, over-sized gauge, and overall super stylish design.

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Our Analysis and Hands-on Test Results

Review by:
Emily Zell

Last Updated:
March 18, 2013

Coming in ranked fourth out of eight pumps, the FP-200 truly is a strong, reliable, straightforward pump. In fact, it scores 8 of 10 in all five of our testing categories, making it a consistent performer across the board. The first thing we noticed when we unpacked the pump is just how unusual its looks are compared to the others. Bright red, impossibly glossy, and with one of the coolest base shapes we've seen.
Another great attribute is the oversized, easy to read gauge that is also at the top of the pump rather than the floor, making it a snap to get accurate psi readings.
Overall, the Serfas FP-200 is easy to use, with a reliable head that locks firmly onto valves and a steady base complete with grip tape patches for slippery shoes. A cool "extra" is the little hose-mounted box that holds the ball and accessory inflators it comes with — no more losing those! It is as durable as it is good-looking, with a strong metal barrel and a supple hose. It never lost its performance level during testing.

That said, while it didn't decrease in performance level, it also did not start out perfectly, with it being sometimes difficult to get a good seal onto both presta and schrader valves. The locking lever is super firm and seems to keep the head in good position, but we experience air leakage more often than we would have liked. We had the same experience with the other single-head pumps, such as the Blackburn Air Tower 2 and the Serfas TCPG, and experienced it less with some of the double-headed, valve-specific pumps like the Pedro's Prestige. Also, compared to the Air Tower 2 or the Topeak Joe Blow Sport 2, the Serfas handles were less comfortable for our hands and wrists.

Other Versions

FPD-200 Digital Floor Pump
  • Cost: $65
  • An updated model with a top-mounted digital gauge
Emily Zell

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