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Camelbak Eddy Review

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Overall avg rating 3.5 of 5 based on 1 review. Most recent review: August 15, 2013
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Pros:  Durable, handy straw, can use one-handed
Cons:  Difficult to clean, complex.
Best Uses:  Daily use, dayhikes
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Manufacturer:   Camelback
Review by: Atherton Phleger ⋅ Review Editor, OutdoorGearLab ⋅ August 15, 2013  
The Camelbak Eddy is a consistently high-performing sipper-lid bottle. It is leak proof, durable, and easy to use. Of the sipper-lid bottles, it was our favorite and gets our Top Pick Award. The Eddy has an enthusiastic user base among those who want something that they can use with one hand, give to children without worrying about spills, and that can endure abuse. It's perhaps the most useful lifestyle bottle that we tested. That being said, due to its weight and complexity, it was not the best suited to backpacking and other exploits further afield.

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OutdoorGearLab Editors' Hands-on Review


The Eddy is not as thick-walled as the Groove, but it can still take a beating. This bottle is made from a similar (if not the same) material as most other plastic waterbottles, tritan copolyester, so you can expect similar performance. The carabiner loop is made of a flexible material, which makes it more durable and less brittle than similar lid configurations. Overall, a very durable bottle.

Utility/Ease of Use

The Eddy has a wide-mouth design, and thus is compatible with most modern filters. It's much easier to operate with one hand, and much easier to drink from while in a car. Camelbak recently redesigned the lid, which now delivers water at a faster rate than previously. The Eddy fits in a standard cupholder, unlike some of the other bottles.
It can also be operated with no hands. By flipping the sipper out and clipping the bottle to the anchor, the Camelbak becomes an effective hands-free hydration system for bigwall climbing.

Leak Proof

In the redesign, Camelbak massively improved the sipper. The old versions often leaked, but this problem has been eliminated. Some residual water trapped in the sipper itself could potential dribble out, but usually this isn't an issue.


The Camelbak Eddy is a great value. At $16, it's cheaper than most metal bottles, while being just as durable. It's more expensive than a Nalgene, but that's the price for the Camelbak's sipper. And it's worth it. If you're looking for a sipper, the Camelbak version is the most reliable and the best designed of those we tested.

Other Versions

The Eddy comes in a variety of different sizes and a glass version as well for $25, the Eddy 0.75 Glass. The Eddy ranges from the 0.5L version to the Eddy 1L version. If you're looking for replacement bite valves and straws for your water bottle, check out the Eddy Bite Valves and Straws, $7.

Best Application

Ultimately, this is a bottle that is better suited to lifestyle applications than outdoor pursuits. The sipper is exposed, so it tends to get filthy. When we look for a bottle that we can use during outdoor adventures, we typically want something we can gulp, not sip, and we often feel like we're fighting the Camelbak's sipper for fluids. Additionally, there are many moving parts, which makes it more difficult to clean in the backcountry than a simple lid-vessel design.

All that being said, the Camelbak is extremely popular, and for good reason. In dealing with the chaos of everyday life, the Camelbak excels. Even with the top flipped out, it rarely leaks, so there is no problem haphazardly throwing it into a gym bag. And as mentioned before, it's perfect for kids because there is no significant risk of spills, as there surely would be with a Nalgene or comparable bottle. If you're looking for a bottle for the everyday battles of the workweek warrior, then the Camelbak is just what you need.

Atherton Phleger

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