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Gibbon Funline Review


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  • Currently 2.0/5
Overall avg rating 2.0 of 5 based on 1 review. Most recent review: March 6, 2013
Price:   $80 List
Pros:  Easy to walk
Cons:  Only for beginners, not versatile, leaves no room for growth
Manufacturer:   Gibbon


The Gibbon Funline is a very basic beginner slackline. With a single 2" ratchet tightening system, the Funline is very easy to setup and can be very low to the ground for beginners. At only 40 feet in length, and offering very little stretch or bounce, this line is only for the true beginner and does not offer much in the way of overall performance, versatility, durability, or value.
For someone looking to develop a more advanced practice we instead recommend the Gibbon Surfline for those interested in aerial tricks, and the Gibbon Tubeline for those interested in a more versatile setup.

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Analysis and Hands-on Test Findings

Review by:
Brian Blum
Review Editor

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Performance Comparison

Ease of Set-up

The Gibbon Funline is easy to setup by anyone. The 2" ratchet is easy to thread and will tighten up the line with minimal effort. It can be setup low to the ground for beginners and is particularly suited for small children.


The Funline is mostly a kit for beginners and is limited to those looking for a fun thing to do in the park with kids. It does not offer stretch or bounce for more serious practitioners, is only 40 feet in length meaning it might be hard to find suitable trees, and most importantly this line will quickly be outgrown by all.


The webbing is made from a high quality durable material, and the ratchet system is well constructed. Unfortunately the ratchet tightening system has the tendency to catch the line, resulting in fraying over time.


This is a great line for children, although at $80 one could simply purchase a ratchet system at Home Depot for quite a bit less money.
Brian Blum

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Most recent review: March 6, 2013
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