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Asolo Bullet GTX - Women's Review

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Price:   $260 List
Pros:  A very supportive lightweight backpacking option.
Cons:  Hot and not very breathable.
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Manufacturer:   Asolo


The Asolo Bullet is essentially a better built, more comfortable (though more expensive) Kailash. They are both midweight waterproof boots that are adequate to day hike in and can handle longer backpacking trips. The Bullet wins our Top Pick for Best Backpacking Boot because we favor lighter boots over heavyweight boots such as the Asolo TPS 520 GV, and these offer protection and support for heavy loads and long distances while staying relatively lightweight. If you want a mid-weight boot but can't afford the Bullet, the Vasque Breeze is an excellent, less-costly option. If you prefer an even lighter boot, our Editors' Choice, the Lowa Renegade, is the boot that is most capable of doing it all, backpacking as well as day hiking.

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Analysis and Hands-on Test Findings

Review by:
McKenzie Long
Senior Review Editor

Last Updated:
May 11, 2012


The Bullet offers a great amount of support, rising higher around the ankle than the Sportvia FC Eco, the Targhee II, or the Lowa Renegade. The unique sole with Pebax inserts provides extra support and stability when carrying a heavy weight. The Bullet would classify as a mid-weight boot. However, even with all the additional support if offers, it is not too heavy.


The Power-Lite soles are burly, durable, and provide a great surface for walking when you don't want to take a spill. The Pebax inserts add extra grip to the heels.


Aside from the restrictive ankle cuff, which provides support and protection, the Bullet fits comfortably. They don't rate up there with the Sportvia FC Eco or the Keen Targhee II in comfort, but they fit much more comfortably than the similarly weighted Scarpa Kailash.

The Bullet has a unique lacing system that passes through a loop on the tongue to make it easier to keep the tongue centered over your foot, and it allows you to tighten the boot in the area where it is most important to prevent heel slippage.


We like that as well as a traditional tan, the Bullet comes in a flashy red.


The Bullet is solidly built and has yet to show serious signs of wear. We anticipate these boots will last a long time and will stand up to multiple seasons of backpacking.

Water Resistance / Breathability

These boots are tough against water, but in heat they are sweaty and not very breathable. Partly because they fit higher than many of the other boots, and partly because the upper is made mostly from solid suede, they can be hot to hike in.

Best Application

Even though these boots are not very heavy, they are still overkill for most day hikes, and are best put to use on backpacking trips where most people prefer more support and protection.


Between $250 - $260, these boots are lighter and less expensive than their burlier counterpart, the Asolo TPS 520 GV. For a well constructed and solidly built boot, this is a relatively reasonable price.

Other Versions

The Asolo Power Matic 200- men's or Asolo Power Matic 200 GV - Women's, $300, are a lifetime investment for most hikers and backpackers that will handle rough terrain with heavy loads.
McKenzie Long

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   Jun 29, 2013 - 10:43am
Fliss · Backpacker
I bought these boots online, on the strength of the Outdoor Gear Lab review. I need good ankle support when I hike, and the Bullet GTX did deliver on that at least! They are also very lightweight and comfortable, as the ODGL review states. For me, a good day-hiking boot in fair weather climates.

The cons? I found the boots to be essentially not waterproof at all beyond a very minor dunking. I hike in very wet climates (think rain days on end, big river crossings, marshy wetlands) and these boots were a total let down. Once they got more than a tiny bit wet, they just seemed to let water come rushing in. I had wet feet for most of my last big trip, which is not cool.

Another problem I have with these boots in the sole - I found them to have almost no grip to speak of in difficult circumstances where I would expect a Vibram sole to cope well (wet rocks, wet wood). I had more slips and actual falls than I have ever had in a Vibram boot and was extremely disappointed. Again, fine for trail hiking in relatively dry conditions - don't expect these boots to support you in serious off-trail hiking or wet conditions in terms of grip.

Overall, for the money, I'm disappointed. Perhaps it's partially down to me and I should have bought something a little bit more durable, but I feel that the ODGL review portrayed these boots as a lot better than they really are. I would only recommend these to someone who is a really light hiker - for hardcore wilderness applications, they just don't stand up to the task. Won't be buying them again.

Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this product to a friend.
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