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Energizer 6 LED Review



  • Currently 2.0/5
Overall avg rating 2.0 of 5 based on 1 review. Most recent review: January 12, 2014
Street Price:   $12 | Compare prices at 1 resellers
Pros:  Slightly above average trail finding and close proximity scores
Cons:  Low battery life, operation could be more intuitive, many better lights for less money
Best Uses:  Around the home and camp
User Rating:       (0.0 of 5) based on 0 reviews
Manufacturer:   Energizer
Review by: RJ Spurrier ⋅ Senior Review Editor, OutdoorGearLab ⋅ January 12, 2014  
The Energizer 6 LED headlight is one of several low-end headlamps offered by Energizer. Priced at $22 list, it provides OK light, although it feels cheaply made when compared to the higher quality Petzl Tikkina 2, also priced at $20. Our advice? If you are on a budget, look to its sibling, the Energizer 3 LED which is half the cost and provides nearly as much performance. Perhaps better yet, resist the temptation to buy this at the counter of your local hardware superstore, and instead buy Coast HL7 which for another $10 gives you tremendous beam performance.

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OutdoorGearLab Editors' Hands-on Review

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Close proximity light turned on
Credit: Shellay Glatz

Performance Comparison

Trail Finding

The trail finding score is right in the middle of the tested headlamps. But for a light the cost more than $20, it's not all that impressive. You can see what another $10 gets you in the beam comparison photo below with the Coast HL7

Beam Distance Photos

Energizer 6 LEDCoast HL7

Close Proximity

This score is pretty good but there is definitely a hot spot in the middle. This light does not cast a perfectly even beam in your immediate field of vision like the Coast HL7 does.

Close-proximity Beam Pattern

Energizer 6 LEDCoast HL7

Battery Life

Battery life is surprisingly good. Why? Energizer claims 8.5 hours of runtime in high mode and yet we measured 21.4 hours using the ANSI standard (read the Headlamp Review to learn about ANSI). Usually manufacturers overestimate runtimes, not massively underestimate them. Still, its less expensive sibling, the 3 LED lasted an impressive 27.3 hours in high mode. If the 8.5 low mode run time listed by the manufacturer is to be believed, that is a poor number. But if the high beam real life results are any indication, the low beam life should be much higher.
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Uses 3 AAA batteries
Credit: Shellay Glatz


The measured max beam distance of 27 meters is 5 meters better than the 3 LED. This is not terrible but it doesn't come close to competing with the Spot (70m) or Coast (128 m).


At 78 g, this is one of the lighter compact headlamps and easily fits in a pocket.

Ease of Use

This is where it's sibling, the Energizer 3 really pulled ahead. The 3 was much easier to use and navigate through the various light settings.


At $22, there are a lot of other headlamps that scored higher for less money and have better optics and battery life. Its a good value, there are just better values out there.


Spend half the money and buy it's little sibling, the Energizer 3 LED. The 3 LED has better battery life, was easier to use and had only slightly worse trail-finding and close proximity scores. If you are already willing to spend $22, we highly recommend spending just a little more to get a truly amazing light such as our Editors Choice the Coast HL7. If battery life is important, spend a little more and get the Black Diamond Spot ($40).

RJ Spurrier and Chris McNamara

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Energizer Trailfinder 6 LED
Credit: Energizer
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