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Byer Traveller Lite Review


Byer Traveller Lite
Price:   $25 List | Sale $24.89 at Amazon
Pros:  Light weight, inexpensive, great color options
Cons:  Lacks suspension, not very comfortable
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Manufacturer:   Byer


When looking to try out hammock camping or purchase a hammock on a budget, the Byer Traveller Lite is a great option to consider, but it lacks the features of the Best Buy winning and similarly priced Grand Trunk Ultralight. The polyester fabric is not as durable as the nylon fabrics used by other manufacturers and it does not include suspension straps, however it comes in five bright colors and is the second lightest hammock in our review at only 10oz.

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Analysis and Hands-on Test Findings

Review by:
Greg Davis
Review Editor

Last Updated:
April 10, 2014
The Byer Traveller Lite is an inexpensive, lightweight hammock. We do not prefer the sleeping experience in this model and find the polyester material to be weaker than nylon, but in a pinch this product can sleep a few nights and give a user a feel for hammock camping.

Performance Comparison

The Byer Traveller Lite comes in a variety of vibrant colors.
The Byer Traveller Lite comes in a variety of vibrant colors.


The most important feature of a hammock is often comfort, and the Byer Traveller Lite is small so average-sized or larger campers may have difficulty fitting properly with a sleeping pad. The Traveller Lite is made of inexpensive polyester which is less comfortable than a slightly stretchy parachute nylon like what is found in the Grand Trunk Double and Grand Trunk Single. This thin fabric binds tightly across the shoulders. A light sleeper may want a larger hammock.

We tried a variety of hanging lengths as well as different setups to try and get comfortable, but when too loose the material falls to the side of the center ridgeline, leaving a firm line up your back and preventing you from lying diagonally. When strung tight the ridgeline is still there, although less prominent, and the material has a tendency to wrap around your body and limit your range of motion and ability to settle into a comfortable spot.


The second lightest hammock in this review, at 10 oz, this hammock doesn't add much pack weight, but without including the weight of a hanging system, this number can be a little deceiving. The Traveller Lite can pack fairly small, but it is bulky in comparison to other budget options.

The Grand Trunk Ultralight (left) is a bit heavier than the Byer Traveller Lite (center) and our Top Pick ultralight hammock  the Grand Trunk Nano 7 (right).
The Grand Trunk Ultralight (left) is a bit heavier than the Byer Traveller Lite (center) and our Top Pick ultralight hammock, the Grand Trunk Nano 7 (right).


A lightweight hammock can be taken anywhere, making this a fairly versatile option. However it is not a great hammock for camping in cold climates and due to its lack of comfort and durability, may be best as a back up or lounging hammock on a backpacking trip rather than a camping hammock.


Lighter weight products are often less durable, and this is true with the Byer Traveller Lite. At a maximum capacity of 250 lbs, it is the weakest hammock in our review, and larger campers or those sleeping with gear may come close or pass that weight. The stitching started to fray in several places and small runs were developing in the fabric after a handful of uses.

The stitched polyester started to separate at a handful of spots after a few uses
The stitched polyester started to separate at a handful of spots after a few uses

Ease of Set-up

Getting the best hang in this hammock takes a bit more effort than with parachute nylon hammocks like the Eagles Nest Outfitters SingleNest due to the stretchy polyester and narrow width. A suspension system is not included, and the thin cords found at either gather point are only 8" long. The hammock is a bit shorter, at 9 feet long, and finding trees far enough away can be easier than with longer hammocks. Like all hammocks tested, the Byer Lite does come with an attached stuff sack that the hammock conveniently packs into.

Best Applications

Backpackers looking to try out hammock camping without investing in an expensive model may prefer the bright colors and incredibly light weight of the Byer Traveller Lite, though for a similar price, we much prefer the Grand Trunk Ultralight.


The hammock was the second least expensive, at $22.95. So for a few bucks less, the more comfortable Grand Trunk Ultralight makes a better deal.


This is a fun hammock to try out hammock camping for the first time, however comfort is sacrificed for its low weight and inexpensive price point.

Other Versions and Accessories

Also reviewed was the Eagles Nest Outfitters Guardian Bug Net, a great accessory to add to this hammock to make it more protective in buggy conditions, but this accessory costs about three times as much as this hammock.
Greg Davis and Brian Blum

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   May 24, 2014 - 11:27am
i find this hammock to be shorter than i like my hammocks to be. i am used to Yucatan string hammocks and anything less than 11 feet is not going to be as comfortable…That being said There are some good features that i appreciate in this product. It is inexpensive. The material is polyester. i find polyester to be less stretchy than nylons of a similar weight. This is completely different than the review i just read and that is why i wrote this…i have another hammock from byer,the xxl huge size one. although it is longer and wider,it simply isn't as comfy for me.I get a much flatter lay in the tiny traveler..i wouldn't bother with a pad in this little hammock. It is more comfortable without one… a SOL breathable bivy sac(fifty bucks) works well in warm weather..I got both these products at REI. The return policy is the best ever and i like that.( No,i don't have any affiliation with them) my nephew uses parachute cord and rigs an old blanket as an underquilt as a cheap alternative. Enjoy~

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
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