The Best Climbing Gear Sling

Chris McNamara on the King Swing pitch of the Nose.
We picked up some of the top slings and tested them head-to-head. We evaluated them on comfort, adjustability, organizing, ease of use, and bomberness.

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Test Results and Ratings

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Analysis and Award Winners

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April 6, 2011

Analysis and Test Results


Both the Metolius harnesses (Metolius Adjustable and Metolius Multi-loop) were the most comfortable. They have a nice fuzzy liner, just the right amount of padding, and an articulated fit. At the same time, they are streamlined no big mushy padding here, just wide and dense foam that distributes the weight over a wide area. The Black Diamond Padded Gear Sling is also comfortable, just not quite as much so.


Both are very adjustable. When the webbing is new they each can be adjusted in under a minute. As the slings get older and the webbing gets a little more fiesty, they can be a little harder to adjust. The Metolius has the advantage of having the webbing travel freely through the whole shoulder pad. This means no matter how big or small you adjust it, the zone you clip gear can stay right where you want it. The BD is a fixed piece of webbing. This is not a big deal if you are small or medium. But if you really extend it out to its max size, the clipping area no longer is centered.


The Metolius Multi-loop gives you four options on where to clip gear. This always keeps the gear spread out it won't clump up. That said, it requires a whole new style of racking that most people either love or hate. The Metolius Adjustable has just one loop but manages to keep the gear from clumping too much because of the wide plastic coating on the sling. It has more structure, which keeps the biners from mushing up.

Easy of Use

The Metolius Adjustable is the easiest to clip. It has a big plastic coated sling that is both easy to clip and unclip. The Multi Loop requires you to learn a whole new style or racking and is not that easy to use in. But if you love that new style of racking, you may find this is the way to go. The Black Diamond Padded Gear Sling is a solid performer and easy to clip. That said, the webbing does not have much "structure" like the plastic-coated Metolius does. This means the gear clumps up more.


The BD is the most bomber sling we tested.
Chris McNamara