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Topeak Road Master Blaster Review

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Price:   Varies from $21 - $24 online  —  Compare at 2 sellers
Pros:  Durable. Frame fit mounting simple and out of the way! Longer barrel with more air per pump.
Cons:  Heavy. Have to make sure you get the right size for your frame!
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Manufacturer:   Topeak


When it comes to presentation, our first and second place pumps could not be more different. While Lezyne has once again crafted a shiny and sleek pump with their Pressure Drive, Topeak gives us a sturdy, basic design with their Master Blaster. Durable, straightforward, and easy to use, the Master Blaster is perfect for those that prefer a longer barrel to make pumping a little easier, or who prefer to mount their pumps under their top tubes.

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Analysis and Hands-on Test Findings

Review by:
Emily Zell

Last Updated:
March 28, 2015
We can't really say that our dislikes about this pump are very strong. Yes, it is one of the heavier frame pumps we tested. And yes, because it is a frame-fit mount, you do have to make sure you buy the correct size for your bike. But really, neither of those is a deal breaker, and the Master Blaster is an awesome pump in so many ways!

Because it is a frame-fit mount, relying on spring-mounted tension, it can tuck neatly under your top tube, getting it out of the way of you feet, bottom bracket, and pedals. (At times, with a pump mounted to a bottle cage, it can get to feel a bit crowded down there!) Once you develop those sprinting quads, you might find a slight rubbing against the Velcro strap of the Master Blaster as your legs pass by the top tube with each pedal stroke. But again, this is slight, and can easily be remedied by simply moving the Velcro strap forward or back closer to the seat post. Therefore, the Master blaster, despite being heavy, still scored well in the portability category.

It also received high marks for durability and ease of use. In both cases, this is a straightforward pump, meaning there are fewer parts to break over time and it is simple to use. The longer barrel gives you that much more leverage and moves more air, making it easier to pump at higher pressures versus a shorter pump, such as Topeak's Pocket Rocket. And because there is no mounting hardware, there is no mounting hardware to break, as can be the case with such pumps as the Specialized Alloy Frame Pump. (Disclosure: our Specialized mount did not break during our testing, but we researched more than a few reviews that said it had.)

Design-wise, the Master Blaster is nothing special: gray, silver, and basic. If you want something more stylish, go for the Lezyne Pressure Drive, but you will be sacrificing that longer barrel and the ease it provides. The thing is, Topeak wasn't out to win any design awards with this one (that we know of!) but rather to provide customers with a durable, easy to use,straightforward pump. And we love it because of that!

Other Versions

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Topeak Peakini II
  • Cost - $16
  • The only pump designed specifically for lower-volume tires

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Topeak Pocket Rocket
  • Cost - $22
  • A strong, durable pump in a small, lightweight body

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Topeak Road Morph
  • Cost - $45
  • Has a fold-out footpad for easier pumping
Emily Zell

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