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REI Kingdom 8 Review

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Editors' Choice Award
  • Currently 5.0/5
Overall avg rating 5.0 of 5 based on 3 reviews. Most recent review: May 26, 2015
Price:   $530 List | $529 online  —  Compare prices at 1 resellers
Pros:  Tall throughout tent, big doors on each side, rainfly versatility, huge vestibule, durable floor, lots of pockets, two rooms inside, backpack style carrying bag.
Cons:  Only one vestibule, barnhouse style is bad in high winds.
Manufacturer:   REI


The Kingdom 8 wins our Editors' Choice award because it's the most comfortable tent we tested and comes loaded with great bonus features. It features best-in-class head room, convenient dividers, and a huge vestibule for organizing your groups gear. It's easy to set up and packs down into an awesome backpack style carrying bag. It's also a solid value.

New Updates - June 2016
This award-winning tent has been updated and is now available in a new color. Keep reading to find out more!

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Analysis and Hands-on Test Findings

Review by:
Devin Chance

Last Updated:

New Color for 2016

This Editors' Choice award winner has been updated for 2016 and is now available in a new color: Willow/Alpaca. In addition to being available in a new color, check out the quote below to see what REI had to say.

" The new Kingdom 8 has many updates.

-New color
-Pocketing configuration: more along sides of tent versus most on the divider.
-Added loops for running LED lights on interior.
-A clear distinction in the "rooms" on the tent; "rear" has more material for better privacy/roof is mesh, and "front" is mainly mesh functions more like an integrated screen room.
-Front door and side fabric is reconfigured with for better balance of ventilation and privacy."


Though we have not tested the latest version of this camping tent, we feel as though our review will still give you a good feel for the latest version of the tent. Check out the side-by-side comparison below, with the newest version pictured on the left and the older model shown on the right.
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With its huge ceilings and spacious cubic design, this tent is the king of comfort. The 6'5 tall ceiling throughout the tent allows multiple people to be standing at once, and creates space in an otherwise crowded environment. This tent is also fitted with mesh walls and ceilings, allowing the tent to breathe and keep the air moving on those hot days when you just want to read in a bug-free shaded zone. The rain fly is very versatile as well. With several attachment points around the tent you are able to roll up the rain fly on the sides in the middle of the day to cool off, and easily roll them back down at night to keep the heat inside.

The Kingdom 8 also has an internal divider in case you want a little bit of privacy every now and then. It can also be fun for kids to feel like they have their own room in the tent with their very own door, or you can use one half for all your gear and the other half as a clutter free sleeping space.

This tent has several different accessories you can buy to make it even more comfortable. REI sells an extended vestibule that you can attach to either side called the connect tech garage. This gives you a nice awning in front of the tent, which can be nice if its raining and you want to dry off before you enter the tent, or in case you want to store extra gear.

Storm Resistance

The Kingdom's barn house style frame is not ideal in high winds. If you don't take the time to properly stake out the tent and attach all guy lines, the wind will turn the tent into a dancing caterpillar. In all camping situations you should look for a wind-protected site and orient the tent so the widest part is not perpendicular to the prevailing wind. With the Kingdom 8, this is particularly important. In our testing in Joshua Tree (famous for high winds), we found that as long as it was staked down and had all the guy-lines out, then it was fine unless the winds were exceptionally strong.

As for rain, this tent's rain fly covers the entire tent and will keep you dry in a storm. Although it only has one vestibule, REI sells an additional one that you can buy for about $40 to cover both doors completely. Without this extra vestibule, you want to be sure the vestibule side is oriented into the prevailing wind.

If you are looking for a more bombproof tent that is a little less comfortable but will be able to withstand more powerful storms, then check out the Big Agnes Flying Diamond 8.


One thing that really stood out with this tent was the floor. It's made out of a 200 denier nylon material, called nylon oxford. The floor is also a bucket style that comes up about a foot on each side of the tent. The rest of the tent is also fairly durable. From the pole clips to the zippers on the doors, this tent is well made and in the seven months we've had it we haven't had a problem. You should also know that this tent doesn't come with a footprint; you have to buy one separately.

Ease of Setup

The first time we set up this tent out of the bag without reading the directions we were pretty confused. This is a unique design that most people are not familiar with. But, like most things, once we practiced enough, we found the tent fairly simple to assemble. Something to note for those who aren't very tall: it may be difficult to attach the pole clips on the top of the tent and put the rain fly on without help. We also recommend that you have at least two people when setting up this tent. We were able to set it up with one person but for the safety of yourself and the tent, please do not try that. It can be very damaging to the tent poles.

With two people, this tent took us about 15 minutes to set up and about 13 minutes to take down and put away completely.

Packing Size

This tent has the best carrying bag we've seen. REI essentially created a backpack carrying bag that is genius and makes carrying the heavy tent around a lot easier. This bag has four compartments two big sleeves, one for the tent body, and one for the rain fly. One slot in the middle is for the tent poles, while the outer pockets hold the stakes and guy-lines.

The Kingdom's packed size is 25 x 17 x 9.5 It's the third smallest of the tents we tested. We like the compact cube shape that is much easier to pack in a car or the garage than the long cylinder shape of most other packed tents.

Other Versions

REI Kingdom 6
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  • Cost - $439 ($90 less than Kingdom 8)
  • Weight - 17lbs 3oz (5lbs less than Kingdom 8)
  • Floor area - 83 sq ft (22 sq ft less than Kingdom 8)
  • Height - 6ft 3in (2in less than Kingdom 8)
  • Sleeps 6
Devin Chance

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Most recent review: May 26, 2015
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   May 26, 2015 - 11:49am
One of the questions I wanted answered when I was researching tents was, 'is this tent right for us?' My wife and I have two kids (2 & 6) and a small dog. We also hoped to possibly have another child in the next two years. Therefore we wanted something larger that could accommodate us. We also wanted a tent that could with stand the test of time and the test of the elements! I extensively researched the other tents available in this size category and eventually decided on the REI Kingdom 8 with the additional REI Garage.

We love our tent. It is roomy and durably constructed. Our family fit inside without issue. We utilize a pack and play for our 2 year old to sleep in, a dog crate, sleeping mats and a queen size air mattress. This all fits with room to walk around and store clothing etc.

The tent itself is also supported well by what appear to be very well manufactured aluminum poles and hubs. Once erected it is very sturdy and has withstood mild winds thus far. I am confident that it could withstand the 15-20 mph winds or more if appropriately anchored.

The tent has many pockets and nylon attachment points for lights and gear. The pockets are available at every corner of the tent and make finding flashlights and my glasses very convenient in the evening or morning hours. The nylon loops allowed us to attach three of Mpowered's Luci solar lanterns. They conveniently attach with small carabiners to the nylon attachment loops and reflect light off the white tent walls to impressively keep the tent alight.

The large rain fly provides excellent protection from the elements when needed. The fly is durable and large. It has the option of being rolled up for increased ventilation or left off for star gazing. When fully deployed, it offers great protection from rain but you will need to purchase additional stakes and paracord/guyline to properly anchor. Many of the negative reviews I have read about this tent have dealt with damage to the tent as a result of not properly guying it. Make sure to find the appropriate gear and learn the best technique for guying any tent.

For those needing even more room (like us) there is also the REI Garage. The garage offers a great space to take off the family's shoes or find shade from the sun. The doors are grommeted so that they can be raised with tent poles to make a nice awning.

Another great feature of this tent is the storage bag. It is large enough to store additional guy line, stakes, and the REI Garage and Footprint. It is also well constructed with a durable nylon and has durable straps (straps are not padded). The entire package together weighs 25-30 pounds. Keep in mind that using aluminum stakes will also help decrease that load. We are using the steel stakes included as well as additional cheap 9"-10" nail like stakes. In the future I hope to upgrade to Groundhogs or another aluminum tri-fin configured stake.

An exceptional tent for a moderate price. We purchased this tent for our family of 4 (and counting). It has proved to be very roomy and can be made even more so with the additional purchase of the REI Garage. Be sure to properly learn how to guy a tent down and purchase the necessary equipment to do so with this tent. In my opinion, this is one of the best tents for family car camping that you will find and it is backed by REI's 100% satisfaction guarantee! Take it for a test camp.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
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   Jul 9, 2013 - 08:15pm
I have kingdom 6, which is next size down. It is a great tent! This does not compare to Coleman or similar. It's so versatile and many options that you can add to make it even better!

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
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