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Stansport Outfitters Series Review

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Price:   $115 List | Sale $89.99 at Amazon
Pros:  Powerful burners, autoignition system
Cons:  Auto-ignition knob is not ergonomic
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Manufacturer:   Stansport


The Stansport Outfitter Series is a great all around two-burner stove. It boiled a liter of water in 3:54, only 12 seconds behind our Editors' Choice award winner, the Camp Chef Everest. It travels well in its self-contained steel case and secures with a latch. We really appreciated the ability for its side wind flaps to double as utensil holders on calm days. The flame power is very easy to control and the stove simmers well. It has a very reliable autoignition system, but the knob you turn to create the spark is very difficult to operate with wet or cold hands. Although we think this is a great stove for small- to medium-sized groups, the Camp Chef Everest had superior flame power and a more ergonomic auto-ignition button, which is why it beat out this model for our top honors. The Coleman Triton, our Best Buy award winner, didn't have quite the flame power or simmering capabilities as the Stansport Outfitter Series, but it was rather close and costs half the price.

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Analysis and Hands-on Test Findings

Review by:
Laura Lingeman
Review Editor

Last Updated:
August 30, 2014
We thought the Stansport Outfitter Series stove has all of the elements of a great stove; it can boil quickly, simmer well, and has an auto-ignition system.

Performance Comparison

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At no other time do the added seconds it takes to boil water pass as slowly as they do when you're making coffee at 4am.

Group Cooking

With two powerful burners that each offer 25,000 BTU, the Stansport Outfitter Series does cook quite efficiently. Nonetheless, we do not prefer it for group camping since it only has two burners and has limited cook-top space.
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It's a tight squeeze, but it'll do. 10" skillet and 12" skillet. Note the left windscreen is folded down as a convenient utensil holder.

Time to Boil

It only took 3:54 for the Stansport Outfitter Series to boil one liter of water in our boil test. That puts it just seconds behind our top two stoves in the test, the Camp Chef Pro 90 and the Camp Chef Everest 2.

Cooking Simmer

Despite its strong flame, this stove has no problem simmering. We never had an issue with accidentally putting out the flame while turning down the dial and the heat was distributed evenly throughout the pan.
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Left, the sturdy traveling latch. Center, the autoignition knob. We really appreciated its consistency in lighting the burners, but didn't like how hard it could be to twist sometimes. Right, the flame control knob.

Ease of Set Up

As simple as any old two-burner stove. Other than opening the lid and affixing the wind screens, the only assembly required for this stove is the propane adapter.

Ease of Care

The cook bottom on this model is stainless steel and wipes up easily. The cooking grate can also be lifted off for easy cleaning.

Wind Resistance

This product is quite effective against the wind; however, gaps between the back and side windscreens forced us to score this product lower than the Camp Chef Everest and Primus Firehole 100 in this metric.
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The Stansport is an excellent stove option, but it performed only slightly better than the Coleman Triton Series 2, which costs half the price.

Packed Size

At approximately 23 x 11.5 x 4.5," this model is a bit larger than most of the other two-burners by .5"-1." It has a sturdy latch to secure the stove closed when packed.

Best Application

This stove would ideally be used for car camping scenarios with 1-4 people. It has a few more bells and whistles than just your average camping stove, such as an auto-ignition system and mega powerful burners, so we would lean towards recommending it to someone who camps fairly regularly and demands consistent performance out of a stove.


While we don't necessarily think this stove is overpriced at $114.99, we would rather spend $6 more and get the Camp Chef Everest, our Editors' Choice winner. Likewise, if you are on a budget or don't use your stove very regularly, then we would suggest you spend half the amount of money on the Coleman Triton Series 2, for $69.95. Basically, if independently assessed, the price tag on the Stansport Outfitter Series seems pretty fair. But in consideration of its competitors, we think your money might be better spent on of the aforementioned products.
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The simmering ability of the Stansport made frying delicacies, such as battered Uncrustable sandwiches, an easy job. Explaining why this was thought to be a good idea, was another.

Other Versions

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2 Burner and Grill Propane Stove
  • Cost - $153
  • Two oversized 25,000 B.T.U. burners
  • Features one 5,000 B.T.U. center griddle burner
  • Great stove for your outdoor kitchen


The Stansport Outfitter Series scored well, or very well on all of our judging criteria. Our main reservations with recommending this stove come from the fact that we tested a stove at a similar price that performed better (the Camp Chef Everest) and a stove that performed nearly as well but was half the price (Coleman Triton Series 2). Nonetheless, it was a very reliable and high-performing product with excellent heat and an auto-ignition system that worked nearly every time.
Laura Lingeman

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   Nov 5, 2014 - 11:56am
HighPlanesDrifter · Skier · Telluride, CO. USA
This is the same stove as the Camp Chef Everest. I can't see any real differences besides branding. I have no idea why they score so differently in tests.
For the price I was expecting a higher quality and sturdier stove but I will say that it is a huge improvement over my trusty, wimpy, old Coleman.
  • Larger cooking surface.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Powerful burners! I can boil water soooo much faster now.
  • Great burner control. I can actually simmer on a camp stove for the first time in my life!
  • Build quality is cheap and flimsy. Obviously a "made in China" product.
  • You will need to upgrade to a refillable tank unless you enjoy wasting dozens of disposable canisters per season.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.
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