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Voodoo Highball 5000 Pad Review

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  • Currently 4.0/5
Overall avg rating 4.0 of 5 based on 1 review. Most recent review: March 22, 2011
Price:   $370 List
Pros:  Durable, cool materials, solid shoulder straps, customizable.
Cons:  Expensive, no closing flap, foam bunches up over time.
Manufacturer:   Voodoo


This was one of the favorite "taco style" pads we tested. If custom colors and a cool top are important to you, the Voodoo is the way to go. If you just want some good foam under your feet, for $130 less there is the Mad Rock Triple Mad Pad. If you want a custom pad and don't mind a hinge, we would go with the Organic Big Pad. It is a great value and has awesome foam.

One drawback to Voodoo Pads is that they aren't available online from most retailers. If you are looking for a quick purchase and the ability to shop for a deal we recommend the Black Diamond Mondo which can sometimes be found at a big discount.

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Analysis and Hands-on Test Findings

Review by:
Chris McNamara
Founder and Editor-in-Chief

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This is the most comfy pad to hang out on that we tested. Voodoo uses a cozy velvet material on top. Since all their pads are are made to order, you can choose from four stock colors or pay another $30 and choose from eight others. The velvet is also good for cleaning your shoes before problems. For folks who love taco designs, this is one of the best. It comes with a large amount of foam and is one of the few taco style medium pads out there. This has a great sewn-in suspension system that inspires much more confidence than Velcro suspension systems.


Our dislikes were all minor. The main limitation of this pad is the price: at $370 it's the most expensive big pad we tested. In addition it is harder to pack in a car because it doesn't compress flat. The other problem with this and all taco pads is the breakdown of the foam at the middle/hinge. The best way to avoid this is to store your pad open. However, that is a little annoying, especially if space in your home is tight.

Because the pads are made to order, you have to wait. This is not a big deal if you love the unique top fabric as we do. Note that the lighter fabrics definitely show dirt quickly. We tested a light green pad that got pretty funky looking pretty fast. We recommend a darker fabric.

Best Application

This pad is a versatile all-around pad that is best for problems in the medium to high size range. It's best for people with lots of space in their station wagon or truck it is hard to transport in a normal car.


At $370 this is the most expensive big pad we tested. However, its surface material is so nice that even when it softens up we found we still liked to keep it around. So if you don't mind a soft pad in the long term, you will get years of use from this. And one day when you have punished it to mush, your dog will love it. We can't say that of many other pads.

Other Versions

The Voodoo Highball 4000 Pad is the medium version of this pad.
Chris McNamara

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Most recent review: March 22, 2011
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