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Pedro's Prestige Review

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Pros:  Easy to use. Easy to read gauge. Comfortable handles.
Cons:  Harder to transport due to hose storage design. Not attractive. Not as stable.
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Manufacturer:   Pedro's


The Pedro's Prestige is a great, simple floor pump from a well-known company. While not the most cutting edge looks-wise, it is easy to get a good seal, and having the gauge at the top of the barrel makes all the difference when it comes to easy reading. Comfort and ease of use make it weekend-warrior friendly, while a lack of durability and poor portability make it good for a stay-put pump.

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Analysis and Hands-on Test Findings

Review by:
Emily Zell

Last Updated:
March 18, 2013
The Prestige Floor Pump by Pedro's is an easy to use, basic pump. It has comfortable handles, which is actually a pretty big factor in the likeability of something you have to push down on firmly every time you use it. It was also easy to get a good seal on both presta and schrader valves. The gauge is at the top of the tube, rather than down by the floor, which makes it easier to read, and the hose is one of the longest (second only to the Lezyne hoses) making it that much easier to get a good seal on the valve.

Unfortunately, for all you aesthetics-oriented people out there, the Prestige is a bit lacking in good looks. Basic, yes, but it is also bright orange, with a huge, rather dated logo down the tube. A comparable pump, similar in simplicity but better looking, would be the Park Tool Home Mechanic. However, we found that the Prestige was more comfortable and easier to use overall. The Prestige came up short in the portability category, being the only floor pump in the group that has a hose that cannot be strapped and secured over the pump's handles to keep the pump from expanding in length when tipped over.
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Because of it's shortcomings in looks and portability, best to keep the Prestige at home for easy, convenient inflating.
Emily Zell

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